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New Song Fellon Phelps No Me Without You
This is Atlanta Georgia Zone 6 Own Recording Artist  Keedoe
Drill Rapper


East Cleveland, Ohio - Rising hip-hop artist Bali Man has recently made headlines with his signing to Wild Child LLC, a prominent music label owned by King and Queen Nation. Known for his exceptional talent and ability to produce beats for himself and several other artists, Bali Man is quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
With an illustrious career on the horizon, Bali Man's journey hasn't been without its obstacles. After serving time in federal prison for multiple bank robberies, he channeled his energy into his passion for music upon his release. Determined to make a positive impact, Bali Man is now focused on honing his craft and establishing his place in the industry.
Not only does Bali Man possess outstanding lyrical skills, but he also showcases his entrepreneurial spirit by launching his own record label, Ratchet Money LLC. As an artist firmly rooted in his community, Bali Man aims to empower and uplift other talented individuals, particularly women, through his label. He is currently on the lookout for exceptional female artists to join his roster.
Bali Man's latest single, "Not At All," serves as an exciting introduction to his unique sound and captivating style. The track is now available on over 200+ major music platforms, allowing fans from around the world to experience his dynamic musicality and raw talent.
As Bali Man continues to make waves in the industry, his partnership with Wild Child LLC and the release of "Not At All" signify the beginning of an inspiring journey. With his determination, innovation, and unwavering passion for music, Bali Man is set to become a driving force in the hip-hop scene.
For more information or to listen to "Not At All," please visit [Wildchildtv.com]
About Bali Man:
Bali Man is an emerging hip-hop artist hailing from East Cleveland, Ohio. Known for his exceptional talent as a rapper and beatmaker, he recently signed with Wild Child LLC, owned by King and Queen Nation. Bali Man also runs his own record label, Ratchet Money LLC, focused on promoting female talent. With his unique style and entrepreneurial spirit, Bali Man is poised to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.
Press Contact:
[Name]Henry Farmer
[Phone number]7186442033 [Email]Kingandqueennationllc@gmail.com

Wild Child LLC Presents Rising Star Benji 216: A Cleveland Ohio Rapper/ Producer to Watch
[Cleveland, Ohio] - [Date] September 6 2023
Wild Child LLC, a renowned music company known for its commitment to artistic integrity and authenticity, is proud to present Cleveland Ohio's very own rapper and producer, Benji 216. With his unique style and undeniable talent, Benji 216, whose real name is Brian Barkley, is set to make waves in the music industry with his latest releases.
Benji 216 has recently dropped three new songs titled "Top," "Thug Life," and "Good Good." Each of these tracks showcases his prowess as an artist, highlighting his exceptional lyrical skills and musicality. These songs are nothing short of masterpieces, demonstrating Benji 216's ability to blend various genres seamlessly while maintaining a distinctive sound that captivates listeners.
Hailing from the St Clair area, Benji 216 draws inspiration from his surroundings, infusing his music with authentic narratives that resonate with his audience. His lyrics reflect his personal experiences, capturing both the struggles and triumphs of his journey through life. From heartfelt storytelling to hard-hitting beats, Benji 216's music encapsulates the essence of his vibrant and diverse community.
As an emerging artist, Benji 216 has already gained a significant following and has proven himself to be one to watch in the industry. His distinct style and dedication to his craft have garnered attention from fans and music professionals alike. With his unwavering passion for music, Benji 216 continues to push boundaries, transcending genre limitations and leaving an indelible
mark on the music scene.
"We believe in nurturing and providing a platform for talented artists like Benji 216," says at Wild Child LLC. "His dedication to authenticity and his commitment to creating impactful music align perfectly with our vision and values as a company. We are excited to support his journey and witness the incredible heights he will undoubtedly reach."
With his latest releases, Benji 216 invites music lovers and industry insiders alike to join him on an unforgettable musical voyage. His songs capture raw emotions, empowering listeners to connect with their own experiences while embracing the beauty of self-expression through music.
To stay updated on Benji 216's journey and explore his groundbreaking music, follow him on YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Snapchat, ETC @ Benjiohio216
About Wild Child LLC:
Wild Child LLC is a prominent music company dedicated to promoting artistic integrity and authenticity. Founded on the belief that music has the power to make a lasting impact, Wild Child LLC strives to provide a platform for emerging artists to thrive. Through a range of services and support, the company aims to nurture talent and foster creativity in the ever-evolving music industry.
For media inquiries or more information on Benji 216, please contact: Wild Child LLC 718-644-2033

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Fellon Phelps No Me Without You Tour

Press Release: Fellon Phelps Emerges as Cleveland's Finest Singer, Following in
the Footsteps of Legends
Cleveland, Ohio – Fellon Phelps, an exceptional talent Singer/Rapper/Actor
hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, is making waves in the music industry with his
latest release. With comparisons drawn to renowned artists such as Gerald
Levert, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and Avant, Fellon Phelps is quickly establishing
himself as one of Cleveland's finest singers.
Born and raised in the heart of Cleveland, Fellon Phelps has a deep-rooted
connection to the rich musical heritage of the city. Drawing inspiration from
his surroundings, he possesses a unique ability to captivate audiences with
his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.
Fellon Phelps recently dropped his highly anticipated single, "No Me Without
You," which is now available on all major music platforms including Spotify,
YouTube, Amazon, iTunes, wildchildtv.com, and over 200 other platforms. This
release showcases Fellon Phelps' remarkable talent and versatility as an
artist, solidifying his presence in the music industry.
Despite the challenges faced by many upcoming artists, Fellon Phelps
remains fiercely independent and true to his craft. Recognizing the
complexities within the industry, he took matters into his own hands and
founded his independent record label known as Wild Child. This decision
allows Fellon Phelps to maintain creative control while pursuing his musical
Not only is Fellon Phelps an accomplished singer, but he also boasts
impeccable songwriting and scriptwriting skills. Through his compelling
compositions, Fellon Phelps delves into various themes and emotions,
showcasing his versatility as an artist.
Fellon Phelps stands out not only for his exceptional talent but also for his
unwavering respectfulness. In an industry often marked by negativity, he
emphasizes the importance of maintaining authenticity and conducting
business with integrity. Fellon Phelps is committed to making genuine
connections with his audience by staying true to himself and his artistry.
For press inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:
Media Relations
Wild Child LLC
Email: Admin@wildchildtv.com
Phone: 718-644-2033
About Fellon Phelps:
Fellon Phelps is a gifted singer-songwriter and scriptwriter from Cleveland,
Ohio. With his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, he has garnered attention as
one of Cleveland's finest singers. Fellon Phelps remains independent,
launching his own record label, Wild Child, to maintain creative control and
authenticity in the music industry.
Company Website: https://Wildchildtv.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/05KlMtQALHRvVnYM5pohVN?
YouTube: https://youtu.be/NMnuoYZe2pE
Amazon: https://music.amazon.com/albums/B0C41H1V3H?
iTunes: No Me Without You - Single by Fellon Phelps https://music.apple.com/
All Social Media: @FellonPhelps216
Instagram: https://instagram.com/fellonphelps216?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fellonphelps216?lang=en

Editors Pick by Lady B: Fellon Phelps No Me Without You World Tour.
Fellon Phelps was inspired to embark on a world tour and share his music with
diverse international audiences because he believes in the power of music to
connect people from different cultures and backgrounds. He has always been
passionate about creating music that resonates with people on a deep
emotional level, and he wants to spread that message of unity and
understanding through his performances worldwide. Fellon also
acknowledges the impact that his fans have had on his career and wants to
show his appreciation by bringing his music directly to them in various
countries. Additionally, he sees the world tour as an opportunity for personal
and artistic growth, as he will be able to explore new cultures, gain inspiration,
and further develop his craft as a musician. In addition to the reasons I
mentioned earlier, Fellon Phelps also sees the world tour as a way to reach a
wider audience and expand his fan base. By performing in different countries,
he hopes to introduce his music to new listeners who may not have had the
chance to discover his work before. Fellon firmly believes that music has the
power to transcend language and cultural barriers, and he wants to use his
talent to create a sense of togetherness among people from all walks of life.
Furthermore, Fellon is excited about the prospect of collaborating with
musicians and artists from different parts of the world during his tour. He
believes that through these collaborations, he can create unique and
innovative musical experiences that showcase the beauty and diversity of
global music. Fellon is constantly seeking inspiration, and he knows that
immersing himself in different cultures and musical traditions will greatly
enrich his artistry.
Overall, the world tour is an opportunity for Fellon Phelps to share his passion,
connect with fans, break boundaries, and leave a lasting impact on the
hearts of people all around the world. He hopes that his music will inspire and
uplift others, and he is eager to embark on this incredible journey of discovery
and connection. Fellon Phelps plans to overcome language and cultural
barriers through the universal language of music. He believes that music has
the power to transcend words and connect people on a deeper emotional
level. Fellon aims to create an inclusive and diverse musical experience that
resonates with people from different backgrounds.
To overcome language barriers, Fellon plans to incorporate a variety of
languages in his music, using translations and interpretations to ensure that
his message is understood by a wider audience. He may also collaborate with
local artists and musicians who are familiar with the cultural nuances of the
regions he performs in, allowing him to connect with his audience on a more
personal and relatable level.
Additionally, Fellon intends to use visuals, such as music videos and stage
performances, to convey his artistic vision and storytelling, making it easier
for listeners to connect with his music regardless of their native language. He
believes that by focusing on the emotions and themes conveyed through his
music, he can create a sense of unity and understanding among his listeners.
Overall, Fellon Phelps is dedicated to breaking down language and cultural
barriers through music, aiming to create a shared experience that unites
people from all walks of life. He is determined to connect with new listeners
during his world tour and leave a lasting impact on their hearts, regardless of
the obstacles that may arise. Fellon intends to collaborate with local artists
and musicians who are familiar with the cultural nuances of the regions he
performs in. This allows him to gain a deeper understanding of the local
culture and incorporate it into his music, making it more relatable to the
By working with local artists, Fellon can tap into their expertise and knowledge
of the local music scene, helping him create a more authentic and immersive
musical experience. These collaborations can also help him incorporate
regional instruments, musical styles, and traditional elements into his
performances, further enhancing the connection with the audience.
Through these collaborations, Fellon aims to bridge the gap between different
cultures and foster a sense of unity and understanding among his listeners.
By embracing the diversity of music and cultural expressions, he hopes to
create a more inclusive and enriching experience for everyone involved.
Fellon ensures that he finds and collaborates with local artists and musicians
who truly understand the cultural nuances of the regions he performs in
through extensive research and networking. His team actively seeks out
artists and musicians who have a deep understanding and connection to the
local culture. They may attend local music events, explore music
communities, and reach out to local industry professionals to identify
potential collaborators.
Once potential collaborators are identified, Fellon and his team engage in
conversations and meetings to gauge their knowledge and understanding of
the local culture. They discuss their previous work, influences, and experiences
to assess their authenticity and familiarity with the cultural nuances. Fellon
may also request samples of their previous work or performances to get a
better sense of their style and approach.
Additionally, Fellon takes advantage of social media platforms and online
communities dedicated to local music scenes. He actively follows and
engages with local musicians, artists, and fans to stay informed about
emerging talent and gain insights into the cultural nuances of specific
By employing these strategies, Fellon ensures that he collaborates with local
artists and musicians who can bring an authentic and immersive experience
to his performances, allowing him to connect with his audience on a more
personal and relatable level. Fellon utilizes social media platforms and online
communities in several ways to stay informed about emerging talent and
gain insights into specific regions' cultural nuances.
First, he actively follows local musicians, artists, and fans on social media
platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. By doing so, he can keep
up with their latest updates, music releases, performances, and
collaborations. This allows him to discover new talent and get a sense of the
evolving music scenes in different regions.
Furthermore, Fellon engages with these individuals by liking, sharing, and
commenting on their posts. This not only shows his support for their work but
also opens up opportunities for conversations and connections. By actively
participating in online discussions, he can gather valuable insights into the
cultural nuances, trends, and preferences of specific regions.
In addition to following individuals, Fellon may join online communities and
forums that are dedicated to local music scenes. These communities often
consist of musicians, promoters, DJs, and fans who are passionate about a
particular style or genre of music. By actively participating in discussions and
sharing his own experiences, Fellon can gain a deeper understanding of the
specific cultural nuances within these communities.
Moreover, Fellon may use social media platforms to share snippets of his own
work, performances, or collaborations with local artists. This not only helps
him showcase his own talents but also provides an opportunity for local
artists and fans to discover his music. Through this mutual exchange, he can
further build connections and stay connected with the local music scenes.
Overall, by utilizing social media platforms and online communities, Fellon
can stay informed about emerging talent, discover new artists, and gain
valuable insights into specific regions' cultural nuances. This enables him to
create authentic and immersive performances that resonate with his
audience on a personal and relatable level. Fellon can use social media
platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow local musicians and
artists, as well as music-related pages and accounts specific to the regions
he is interested in. By following these accounts, he can stay up-to-date with
their latest updates, music releases, performances, and collaborations.
Fellon can also interact with these artists by commenting on their posts, liking
their content, and sharing their work with his own followers. This not only helps
him support local musicians and artists but also allows him to build
connections and engage in conversations with them.
Additionally, Fellon can join music-related groups and communities on these
social media platforms, where local musicians and artists often share
information about upcoming events, releases, and collaborations. By actively
participating in these groups, Fellon can stay informed about the latest
happenings within the local music scenes and potentially find opportunities
for collaborations or performances.
Furthermore, Fellon can use social media platforms to promote his own work,
performances, and collaborations. By regularly posting updates, sharing
snippets of his music, and engaging with his followers, he can increase his
visibility within the local music scenes and attract the attention of other
musicians and artists who may be interested in collaborating with him.
Overall, social media platforms provide Fellon with a convenient and
accessible way to keep up with the latest updates, music releases,
performances, and collaborations of local musicians and artists. It allows him
to establish connections, discover new talent, and promote his own work
within these communities.

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Fellon Phelps


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Atlanta Georgia own Keedoe drops Mo Money  5-8-2020 this is his 3rd release on Wild Child LLC and Only Boss Moves LLC.


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